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Orkestra Kabataan

posted 5 Sept 2011, 00:20 by Unknown user   [ updated 5 Sept 2011, 01:07 ]

Orkestra Kabataan means Youth Orchestra in Filipino.

This is the project’s title, aiming to improve the lives of many youths in the Bataan region in Manila. These youths have one thing in common, the love for music however they lack the resources needed to develop their talents.

Orkestra Kabataan aims at realising this dream. All the money collected will be used to set up a music school, with all that it entails, including the purchase of new wind and string instruments, payments for music tutors and the building of extensions to the existing mission compound.

Two groups of youths will benefit from this project: students (children up to college) and those who are out-of-school.

For more information on this project or to donate, please visit http://www.okmusika.org.